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A natural disaster is always unexpected and dangerous. You have no way of knowing exactly when nature will turn angry and do its worst. We face enormous losses. In the United States of America, many natural or man-made disasters occur every year. There is no difference when we talk about Colorado. We experience hurricanes, floods and fire damages many times a year. You can’t stop any natural forces but what must be done is to restore the damages after the disaster. However, you can’t take proper steps to restore all the damages alone if you are not expert in all of these areas. So what do you need to do?

Well this is where we can help you out. Denver Restoration Masters can be the best option you have when it comes to dealing with disaster restoration for your property.

We provide:


Man in flood damaged room

Cleaning up after a flood is devastating

Water And Flood Damage

Regrettably, flooding and water damage in Denver is not an unusual event. Uncontrolled water from any source has the potential to cause serious damage to property and harm to people. It has never caused you a problem before but that little drip from that bathroom faucet could one day result in a large bill for clean up when it overflows the basin then goes through the floorboards and ruins the room below at the same time.

Flood water is split into 2 groups, black and gray water. Black water is from outdoor water such as streams as well as raw sewage. Gray water comes from within your property, such as from the toilet, dishwater, and also sinks.

When a flood or other incident has caused damage to your property the only solution is to contact a water damage restoration company. Denver Restoration Masters are here to help you with immediate assistance. We have trained and experienced technicians who can remove any liquid and moisture substances from all areas of your property.

Our normal process for dealing with a water damage emergency

  • Emergency Contact
  • Inspect and Assess Damage
  • Water Removal – Extraction
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Restoration



Mold can be dangerous to your health

Mold Removal

Mold removal is otherwise known as mold remediation and is basically the process of removing or cleaning the surface that has been affected by mold or mildew. The removal process depends on the level and types of mold and the damage to your building and surface. Our expert mold inspectors will check for the level and amount of mold on the surface, and they will then be able to give you advice on any actions that may be needed to remedy the problem. They will decide how much removal is needed to clean up all the mold spores and leave you with a mold free property.

Our technician may use HEPA vacuum to remove the mold. HEPA is a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum cleaner. It is a very powerful cleaner that has extremely specialized filters that can wash out a slight portion of molds.

Full investigation includes:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Moisture Testing
  • Humidity Testing
  • Analysis of Underlying Cause
  • Remediation Requirements
  • Laboratory Species Identification (If required Fees apply)
  • Structured Recommendation / Report
  • Quotation


 Girl outside fire damaged house

Property fires are particularly distressing

Fire Damage Restoration

Dealing with fire damage on a personal level is a stressful and traumatizing experience. A lot of possessions and private mementos have often been destroyed and damage to property can be enormous. At Denver Restoration Masters we feel it’s our duty to make the process of repair as easy for you as possible so that you can settle back into your home with the least amount of fuss and stress.

Our know-how permits us to recognize and quickly execute the safest as well as most effective techniques for the reliable extraction of fire residues as well as synthetic contamination (brought on by tiny particles included within the smoke) from your house, efficiently neutralizing fire-related smells. Waste resulting from the fire, such as charred or burned materials, is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

What can we do?

  • We can remove the source of fire and odor.
  • We can eliminate the smoke.
  • We can take further prevention measures that can reduce the chances of further damages.
  • Drying anything damaged by water while the fire was being put out.
  • Cleaning all soot and smoke-affected items plus restoration
  • Cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Removing smoke odors.
  • Complete decontamination of anything and everything.
  • Storage of any items prior to cleaning or restoration.
  • Comprehensive testing for quality, safety and cleanliness.
  • Safe disposal of anything beyond repair.


Cleaning up fire and smoke damages can be messy and hard. Because it’s very stressful work that can’t be handled very quickly. We have expert professionals and the most updated necessary tools to remove fire and smoke from your property.


Protecting Your Investments

Your home is likely one of your largest financial investments, and you need to preserve its integrity at all costs. However, when you attempt to take care of Denver fire and water restoration tasks on your own, you are putting your investment at risk. Unless you have a background in restoration, and, the latest tools and technology, it is very unlikely you ll be able to contain, and, fix the problem correctly. Our staff are here to help. We can assess the damage and help you plan out the restoration process one step at a time. We will also provide a free, in home quote so that you can understand all the costs involved We understand this is a stressful time. We’re here to offer fire, smoke damage, water, and mold removal restoration services. Most Importantly, we’re licensed, insured, and available to service both business and home owners in the Denver area. Call us today to start getting your home or property back to its original condition!

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Denver Restoration Masters helped our family out when our basement flooded. Their team was prompt and very professional. They quickly cleaned up everything and restored our home back to original condition.

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